Good communication is key
and that includes correct language use!

and revision

I translate from French, English and Italian into engaging and understandable Dutch.

Qua lingua [kwa – ling – gwa] is happy to help you cross that language border.

Qua lingua zet je vertalingen uit het Frans, Engels en Italiaans om naar aansprekend en begrijpelijk Nederlands - Emilie Goemaere

Qua lingua convert translations from French, English and Italian into appealing and understandable Dutch.

You can rely on my services for the translation and revision of a diverse range of documents from various languages, namely French, English & Italian, into Dutch, my mother tongue.

Translating into my native tongue is essential for me for a high-quality result. A native speaker knows his own language best. As a native Belgian-Dutch translator, I’ll provide you with a text that incorporates the nuances of the language and a rich vocabulary, not a word-for-word translation.

Your source text will be converted into a fresh and fluent narrative adapted to your target audience, with attention for correct spelling and grammar. What’s more, I’ll also help you revise your (translated) texts.

What Qua lingua offers you:

Native speaker Belgian-Dutch


Professional translations from 3 languages for business, technical and marketing texts.

Correct spelling and grammar


Revision and editing of your (translated) documents into Dutch from the same 3 languages.

Speak fluently

Language courses

Professional language courses customised to your business and tutoring in French and English for students.

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