Professional language training
and private tutoring

You can rely on Qua lingua for Dutch and English lessons for both businesses as well as individuals. Learning a new language is not easy and I can help improve your speech, reading and writing in the language you are struggling with most.

Qua lingua zet je vertalingen uit het Frans, Engels en Italiaans om naar aansprekend en begrijpelijk Nederlands - Emilie Goemaere

Language training for companies

Language lessons tailored to your staff. I visit your business and help your staff lift their Dutch or English to a higher level. After some basic lessons or a language refresher course, we can move on to more technical knowledge and exercises customised to their position, depending on their needs.

If your son or daughter is struggling with Dutch or French, a few extra lessons with a tutor can improve their results! I sit down with them, one-on-one, to see what they are having trouble with and help them study. I provide adapted exercises based on their curriculum. So, your son or daughter will be able to enjoy their summer holiday to the full!

Tutoring for students

Looking for language lessons or language tutoring?

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